This is an animation based on one of my Inktober 2020 drawings. A sad Paraxenisaurus (a deinocheirid) mopes in a storm.
A friend asked me to draw this woefully underrepresented ancient American hyena--the only American hyena. It was a cursorial hypercarnivore, like a cheetah, with long legs and a slender face compared to other hyenas. Its closest living relative is the aardwolf, an insectivorous hyena.
Caracara Raptor
Birds of prey are such a similar shape to small dromaeosaurs that just a few tweaks can make a caracara into a raptor.
Wedge-Tailed Raptor
This one was even easier--originally a wedge-tailed eagle.
Stegouros, the macuahuitl-tailed ankylosaur.
The last set of bird drawings I did for my field guide. These personalities ended up being more negative than average, as I was running out of ideas.
The second-to-last set of bird drawings I did for my field guide. I think these were some of the the highest-quality drawings of the bunch, but the oddest personalities.
The third set of bird drawings I did for my field guide. These are my favorites!
A Triceratops tosses its head. The frill counterbalanced the horns and snout to make this movement effortless.
Two enormous duck-relatives go for a swim. They would not have been good swimmers, but animals often do things they shouldn't.
The cold-blooded, binocular-eyed, horn-eating goat, Myotragus, which lived disturbingly recently.