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Breaking News: Spinosaur Swimming and Sauropod Sails

Every so often, a scientific paper comes out that rocks the paleontology community and gets paleoartists flocking to make updated depictions reflecting the new information. In the past I’ve done a couple of Obscure Dinosaur Profiles prompted by such developments,...

Dinosaur Photography 7

The other thing I did in Denver was take some pictures of birds that don’t live around here. (Do you think it was just a trip to collect content for this blog?) I also took a road trip recently to...

The Time Traveller's Cookbook

While my bachelorette party was in Denver looking at fossils, my brother had this idea while looking at Plectronoceras: “It would make good calamari–just hang the cone over a wire and deep-fry it right in the shell.”

Rate My Dino: Denver Museum of Nature and Science

I recently had my bachelorette party, and where better to go than Denver, the land of skiing and dinosaurs? (Unconventional, I know.) One of the major draws was the famous Denver Museum of Nature and Science, possibly the best paleontology...