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The Evolution of Beauty

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of nature books, and quite a few of them have mentioned natural beauty as it relates to one topic or another. I thought it would be worthwhile to synthesize all these viewpoints together into...

Paleo Biome Profile #3: The Messel Pit

Now for something a bit more traditional for this blog: a new Paleo Biome Profile! This week I’ll be taking a look at the early Eocene German fossil location known as the Messel Pit.

Walden: 19th Century Vanlife

I read Walden recently, expecting some nice nature writing and philosophy, and wasn’t disappointed; however, what I did not expect was how prescient and unintentionally funny it was. Henry David Thoreau was essentially a van-lifer in the mid-nineteenth century. There...

Dinosaur Photography 6: East Coast Birds

Over Memorial Day weekend, I went to my fiancé’s parents’ house in western New York. I brought my camera, and my future father-in-law also let me borrow his telescope, which let me take even more zoomed-in (round-framed) photos. I was...