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Dinosaur Photography 7

The other thing I did in Denver was take some pictures of birds that don’t live around here. (Do you think it was just a trip to collect content for this blog?) I also took a road trip recently to...

The Time Traveller's Cookbook

While my bachelorette party was in Denver looking at fossils, my brother had this idea while looking at Plectronoceras: “It would make good calamari–just hang the cone over a wire and deep-fry it right in the shell.”

Rate My Dino: Denver Museum of Nature and Science

I recently had my bachelorette party, and where better to go than Denver, the land of skiing and dinosaurs? (Unconventional, I know.) One of the major draws was the famous Denver Museum of Nature and Science, possibly the best paleontology...

The Upstairs/Downstairs Dichotomy

I’ve got a double-header post today, how exciting. I had two separate ideas, neither of which felt like enough content for one month, so here we are. This one isn’t about paleontology or evolution or even nature at all, just...

Winter Art 2022

This is an animation based on one of my Inktober 2020 drawings. A sad Paraxenisaurus (a deinocheirid) mopes in a storm.