Here you will find facts about obscure dinosaurs, obscure facts about well-known dinosaurs, and other material covering such topics as evolution, taxonomy, geology, and pop culture!

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Thermoregulation, or animals’ control of their body temperature or lack thereof, I’ve discussed before in my posts on dinosaur fuzz and the physics of the very large and very small, but only in relation to particular phenomena and not as...

Summer Art 2021

I guess it makes sense that after halving my posting schedule in 2021, it would take twice as long to compile enough art for an art post.

The Evolution of Beauty

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of nature books, and quite a few of them have mentioned natural beauty as it relates to one topic or another. I thought it would be worthwhile to synthesize all these viewpoints together into...

Paleo Biome Profile #3: The Messel Pit

Now for something a bit more traditional for this blog: a new Paleo Biome Profile! This week I’ll be taking a look at the early Eocene German fossil location known as the Messel Pit.

Walden: 19th Century Vanlife

I read Walden recently, expecting some nice nature writing and philosophy, and wasn’t disappointed; however, what I did not expect was how prescient and unintentionally funny it was. Henry David Thoreau was essentially a van-lifer in the mid-nineteenth century. There...